Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: Fiona Paxton Coco Necklace for Less

Coco Chanel will forever resonate in my brain as the preemptive Coco of the universe. Other Coco’s may come and go, but she will be regarded and regaled as the queen of them all based on her impact on fashion, and her many quotes which seem so often applicable to my daily life. That said; the Coco currently on the tip of my tongue is one of a different sort. She is neither ethereal being nor fashion monger; celebrity offspring or budding rock star. To be brutally honest, the Coco in question is a sparkly accessory with not a trace of simplicity.

It is Fiona Paxton who is the brainchild behind the charming Coco - Bloomingdale's coupons. Her talent and imagination alone has spun beautiful beaded baubles depicting diamonds, zig-zags, squares, and so very many more. Chain-fringed cuffs trimmed with streaming golds, silvers, and art-deco black; earrings dripping with draped pretties peeking out from behind a waterfall of cascading shimmering hair. But no; all those beauties aside, it is the chevron-designed Coco which makes me, as embarrassing as it sounds, practically foam at the mouth. A fact which is painstakingly heartbreaking for me as the $338.00 pricetag is bound to leave both my neck and assortment of accessories out in the cold.

No fancy schmancy shirt is required when wearing the oh-so chic Coco. The two-toned black and silver beaded necklace, constructed of tiered chains and a heavenly mesh backing serves as embellishment enough; a truly divine way to awaken a plain white tee or casual ebony tank. I had such plans for the sublime sparkler. My dreams were riddled with evenings out on the town with the glittering Coco leading the way, a light as bright as Times Square beaming from her beaded body; or days spent languishing in light as a feather cotton tanks, the sunlight glinting off Coco’s twinkling tenement. Though I suppose such dreams were not meant to come to fruition; they were destined to remain stored in a location only reached during hours of slumber. Unless…

Darlings, she may not be Coco, but for $30, Nasty Gal’s Marni Beaded Necklace is most certainly the next best thing. Crafted out of black and metallic silver beads, Marni lacks the tiered chain detailing so prevalent on Coco; yet the black and silver beads used in its place are just as jaw-dropping as the former, and provide their own petit je ne sais quoi that supplies just as much of a statement.

What are you doing today, kittens? Will you be a big spender, or tighten the reigns about your wallet and take the thrifty route?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Shopbop and Nasty Gal for the pictures.

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