Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Valley of the Scarves

Given my less than statuesque height, you would think that I would seek out pieces crafted only with lengthening my frame in mind as opposed to overwhelming it; and I do. It is only when I dip into the accessory pool that I truly look for items that will make a statement, and provide some semblance of volume and ferocity to my typically neutral canvas – a knit that goes on for miles when hanging limply over my shoulders, or swells with sophistication when coiled tightly about my throat. Something that fills me with the desire to cast my tube scarves aside – if only temporarily – and traverse…the Valley of the Scarves.

Alexis “Billy Extra Long Solid Knit Scarf” Darlings it wasn’t too long ago that I was introduced to the decadent designs of Alexis, and I have been smitten ever since. The dainty draping, the Southwestern prints, the champagne hues – it’s enough to make a girl want to overhaul her entire wardrobe and stock it only with the finest from Alexis. But I digress, I won’t be doing such a thing – or rather, my bank account won’t allow me to – but it will allow me to make goo-goo eyes at the dark as night, floor-sweeping Billy Extra Long Solid Knit Scarf in Black. Who needs a shimmering bauble dangling from their neck if they can sling a midnight colored knit such as this around their shoulders? As with all of Alexis’ neck accoutrements, Billy is angled at both ends for a wing-like silhouette that will keep you soaring until the wee hours of the morning!

BDG “Cable Knit Scarf” Nothing says cozy like cable knit and a warm mug of hot chocolate; BDG’s Cable Knit Scarf covers half the battle. At over five-feet long, the plush, vibrant, thick-knit has the ability to keep you warm no matter what the weather by ensuring you look effortless, ravishing, and chic every time you toss it on; while the fringed ends contribute a flirty, flapper-inspired flair to your entire look. Just remember dolls, now that you have the cable knit, it’s up to you to find a cute boy to buy you some hot chocolate – don’t forget the mini marshmallows!

Marc by Marc Jacobs “Valley Sweater Scarf” There’s something truly quite charming about being swallowed by an accessory. An Olsen-like je ne sais quoi that is part glamorous part mysterious and all-around enchanting. And what better piece of fashion to be swallowed by than Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Valley Scarf? My beloved Marc always knows how to make a girl’s heart pitter patter, and he has not failed me with the veritable inky shades marled within the body of the versatile Valley. Turquoises tango with ocean blue hues that seemingly twinkle and sparkle in the sunlight courtesy of metallic thread embellishments interwoven here and there; while the subtle color changes produce a hypnotic ambiance with the power to lull even the most fashion-resistant person into a trance-like state. How can one really resist stylish magic as powerful as that?

Alloy “Paige Knit Scarf” I have spent years trying to crochet scarves all to disastrous results; perhaps that’s why I adore Alloy’s Paige Knit Scarf so much. The stitch is sophisticated enough to make you look polished, yet simplistic enough to make it look as if you made it using your own two hands – as opposed to your AmEx, mind you. While the acrylic knit – ideal for keeping you warm yet comfortable enough to toss on when you simply want to add an accessory to a plain white tee – and the full, six-inch fringe are enticing features; it’s the range of colors that Paige is available in which truly thrill me. Flirty fuchsias, radiant reds, tantalizing taupes – each shade works to spruce up even the blandest of ensembles and keep you looking your best come cooler days!

Nordstrom “Braided Knit Scarf” Blame Alexander Wang and his bevy of long-legged beauties parading down the catwalk for my current obsession with all things braided. While Wang’s braids were slung haphazardly over the shoulders of models in the form of hairstyles, however, I plan on donning mine about my throat in the form of Nordstrom’s Braided Knit Scarf. The five-foot long tightly woven knit slightly resembles the type of blanket we seek out to take the chill off during snowstorms that blow into town just as quickly as they blow out; therefore it is destined to be the perfect way to outfit yourself on blustery days. And just think of how posh you’ll look donning the calming camel color (my personal favorite of the quartet) over an entirely ebony ensemble. Darlings, the mere notion of such style gives me goosebumps!

Care to join me on my valley voyage, kittens?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Zeny’s Boutique, Urban Outfitters, Shopbop, Alloy, and Nordstrom for the pictures.

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