Saturday, October 3, 2009

Smitten Saturday

Lady and the Vamp I was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan before I even fully understood what a vampire was. I simply adored the good-natured banter Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang slung at one another; the beyond-fabulous wardrobe that she harbored and kept in tip-top shape while staking the dead; but, above all else, the clandestine romance shared between the butt-kicking Buffy and the anarchistic yet attractive Angel – a romance I felt was a scandalous treat to behold with my eight-year-old eyes. I suppose you could say that I grew up with vampires; thus, by the time Twilight emerged on the scene I felt I had already been there done that. The pale skin didn’t pique my interest; the fangs didn’t faze me; even the romance didn’t reel me in. Jules Smith’s New Moon Jewelry Collection, however, did. The thought of having sharp fangs dangling from my neck in the form of Edward’s Smile intrigues me; the chance to slide Jacob’s Nemesis onto my waif-like wrist and behold the sole sharp-toothed charm sends shivers up and down my spine; and the opportunity to take a little piece of Edward wherever I go via Bella’s Good Luck Charm? Quite frankly, it acts as a protector of sorts; a fanged Guardian Angel on a mission to assist the wearer in finding true love, if I must be completely truthful. Bite me!

Johnny Appleseed Dolls, aside from picnics and piggyback rides, my thoughts have been consumed with another element of romantic outings, and that, mes chéris, is apple picking. The thought of visiting an orchard with a cute boy, bundled up in boots and a cream-colored sweater sounds like such an ambrosial way to spend the day. The crisp fallen leaves crunching underfoot, hand-holding amidst the towering trees, kisses stolen between bites of juicy apples. I simply can’t imagine a more blissful excursion for two lovebirds. The problem is locating an orchard for such an adorable adventure. Luckily there is All About Apples. After searching high and low for an orchard located within my vicinity, I finally stumbled upon All About Apples, and have been handed a virtual roadmap to orchards across the United States. Now I can visit California’s Apple Lane Orchard in Julian, make a stop at New York’s Applejacks’ Orchard and Country Gift Shop in Peru, and take a detour through Washington’s High Meadows Orchard in Monroe. Will you be channeling your inner Johnny Appleseed with a cute boy in tow, dearests?

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust You don’t have to tell me twice, kittens; I’m fully aware of the fact that once you graduate from high school you become a member of the adult community. Suddenly you’re supposed to be a grown-up, and take things more seriously. I’m really not a fan of such a way of thinking. I understand that we must all buckle down and do what’s right for our futures, but like Peter Pan, I believe that a part of us should stay young forever – we should never lose sight of our imagination; our joie de vivre. And we don’t have to, as long as we surround ourselves with whimsy and charm – like that crafted by Pixie Dust Décor. I know, I know, it’s really a shop for children’s décor, but there is absolutely nothing written in the guidelines that such textiles cannot be enjoyed by people of all ages; thus I see no harm in having a soft blanket made out of Chateau Charlotte, or a boudoir pillow printed in Luxembourg, Watermelon Pagoda, or Punch Pink Topiary. The designs, if I do say so myself, are absolutely timeless and translate through the ages. For once, darlings, take a cue from Tinkerbell, let go of your inhibitions, and just believe – after all, nothing works better than a little faith, trust, and Pixie Dust!

Knit Wit My first viewing of the film Love Story left me in tears; my second viewing gave me a newfound appreciation for the innocent romance conveyed in each scene; nevertheless, it was my third viewing that had me over the moon for the fashion – specifically the headwear. Darlings, the knit hat with feminine embellishment is to Love Story’s Jennifer Cavalleri what the Little Black Dress is to Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly. It is the fashion backbone of the film; a flamboyant accessory that adds dimension, and serves to make the character more memorable. Now, you know me well enough to be aware of the fact that, aside from a headband or occasional floppy hat, I typically refrain from all sorts of knits that flatten your flippy ‘do in mere moments, yet even I am willing to cast that way of thinking out the window in order to attempt a little love story all my own. As a brunette who wears many dark tones, I find myself coveting Free People’s Vintage Tam Rose Beret in Rosewood in the worst possible way – the shade is the consummate way to make any look truly pop! Urban Outfitters’ Chunky Bow Beret, on the other hand, is slightly more muted yet has the added bonus of a very Blair Waldorf-inspired garnish that makes me ever-so-slightly giddy. Then there’s Anthropologie’s very Jazz Age-inspired Buchanan Cloche. But the piece that keeps calling my name, to be sure, is the Susan by Emma Cook Crochet Cloche. How one is supposed to ignore a fragment of finery as ostentatious and exaggerated as this, yet sincerely heavenly is beyond me. Truly, I can’t stand to admit this to all of you, but I have become a knit wit, and there’s no telling what knit creation I will fall for next!

Horton Hears a Who There is a place in California that I have never been able to resist known as Horton Plaza. I experienced the shopping Mecca for the very first time when I was under the age of ten, and have never forgotten the gloriousness it put forth. Of course, when a mere child, it’s hard to fully appreciate a mall of such epic proportions. All you really see, to be quite honest, is tall buildings and countless boring shops that you lack desire in peeking into. Experienced when older, however, and you are awakened to irresistible bits of marvelousness. But perhaps it is not just the welcoming wares seemingly beckoning you to their side that makes the outdoor (yes, Horton Plaza is completely out of doors – no roofs to speak of!) mall so tempting; no, in my eyes, while Aldo, Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Nordstrom all do a wondrous job of appealing to my shopping senses, the true piece de resistance of the procuring wonderland lies in the Ice Rink. Oh, I am absolutely dreadful on ice skates, but I find the sentiment of trying my hand at the outdoor rink each year to be thrilling; especially when you’re bundled up in a thick scarf, or sipping hot cocoa in the bleachers. It’s like San Diego’s own little sliver of Rockefeller Center – sans the enormous Christmas tree, of course. Now I just have to find the strength to survive the two months until it opens once again – I suppose I could quell my excitement with a few Horton shopping sprees!

To Infinity and Beyond! Never before have I seen socks – over the knee socks, to be exact – as a seductive type of clothing; but my most recent viewing of Marie Antoinette has proven that they are just that. No longer are they a simple pair of footwear donned when your tootsies get chilly. In reality, they have taken on a whole new persona, one that sweeps any accoutrement you happen to find yourself in to new heights. Worn with ruffles they’re romantic; paired with a skirt and they’re scandalous; displayed with a dress and they’re dreamy. All this has proven to me that I am in dire need of a pair; for when it comes to socks, I want to go to infinity and beyond! The question is…which ones will do the trick? Should I go gray with Victoria’s Secret’s Thigh-High Sweater Socks; go Modern Marie in Pink Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks; or get spotty with White Opaque Mini Polka Dots Stockings? Perchance the best way to decide would be to ask myself one very important question…What Would Marie Do?

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Tumblr and Free People for the pictures.

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