Saturday, October 31, 2009

Smitten Saturday

Ain’t Life Grand? As a writer, I find it quite common to fall in love with various writing utensils and supplies in mere moments; but nothing could have prepared me for the love/hate relationship I have developed with Archie Grand Notebooks over the past week. The “For Friend or Foe” writing tablets are petite in size but perennially powerful in their musings – and that’s even before you’ve put pen to paper. Each blotter comes bound in a blissful colored cover that gives way to stark white blank pages simply awaiting your creativity to spill onto them. But the true icing on the cake (or rather, cupcake), are the gold-embossed phrases spotting each cover – my favorites being Fashionistas I Met And Liked, Lovers I Had And Liked, and Socialites I Met And Liked. Which Archie Grand original would make your writing life grand?

A Day at the Apothecary I’ve never been one to stick my knickknacks just anywhere. I’ve always felt the need to store my special somethings in splendrous hidey-holes for safekeeping; pretty little environments that preserve their glamour, while displaying them in the most dainty of ways. At this particular time this task has been relayed to ambrosial apothecary jars which are just as heavenly as they are handy. Despite the fact that these Apothecary Jars with Stainless Steel Lids look eerily similar to those lining the counters of doctor’s offices filled to the brim with tongue-depressors and cotton swabs, I imagine that they’ll look unbelievably gorgeous filled with a mix of polished pinecones and shimmering seashells. With the holidays virtually around the corner, I find that it would be absolutely lovely to pile pounds of peppermint candies into the San Miguel Apothecary Jars. And for a touch of high fashion, I’m sure my cast-aside baubles would look beatific glinting from within the confines of the Waterford Marquis Vintage Garden Apothecary Jars. Care to spend a day at the apothecary with me, dolls?

Entrenched As a child I was Harriet the Spy. I even took to devouring tomato sandwiches for every meal to truly get into character. The only thing I felt young Harriet M. Welsch was lacking from her fashion artillery was a trench coat; a detective-inspired accoutrement that even the Hot Rod driving Nancy Drew pulled out of hiding from her closet whenever she felt the need to pursue a suspect. While spying on my neighbors no longer possesses the same type of thrill as it once did; my petit infatuation with the outerwear of the hour is still just as strong – if not stronger – than it once was; hence the reason I believe it is time to add one to my own style regiment. Darlings, I learned long ago that every growing girl should own at least one item from the gorgeous Gryphon; and the sole item I choose is The Military Timeless Trench Coat. Metallic braids embellish the cuffs while a faux fur overlay about the collar detaches to create a second look. I imagine nothing will keep me as warm as this lovely for the winter. Juicy Couture’s Bow Shoulder Trench Coat harbors the gritty, noir ambiance of our favorite vintage gumshoes; with the added haute feminine detail of a très Blair Waldorf bow lacing the shoulder. Jessica Simpson’s Trench Coat features a wide, removable belt that makes it a cinch to display the classic silhouette the trench is known and loved for. But it is DKNY’s “Suzanne” Double Breasted Trench with Rolled Collar in flame which has truly set my world on fire. The shade, reminiscent of embers left within the covering of a cozy fireplace, is the preemptive complement to the unique, head-turning torque; and an ideal way to stand out in a crowd. Have you found yourself in the trenches yet, kittens?

Hay Dude! Some things remain unspoken for far too long; therefore, in honor of Halloween, I’ve decided to divulge un petit bit of information about moi…like Green Acres’ blissfully beautiful Eva Gabor, I find myself completely smitten with the city, but quite content with various aspects of farm life. It is the lure of numerous public transportation methods, bright lights, the hustle and bustle, and the feeling that the entire world is at your fingertips that makes me head over heels for a metropolis; but the romanticism of pumpkin patches, apple groves, and, above all else, moonlit hayrides, which leads me to the country like a horse to water. The autumn months only make me more eager to experience these things. But alas, aside from a paltry, makeshift hayride that springs up in a local shopping center every now and then, it’s nearly impossible to find the genuine thing unless you actually reside on a ranch. But it certainly doesn’t have to be. Pumpkin Patches and More! is a virtual map to all things fun and related to fall. Hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, orchards, farmer’s markets…just choose a location near you, and voila! your weekend plans are set. I wonder what I’ll be doing tonight…

What were you smitten with this week?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to It’s Unbeweavable! and Shopbop for the pictures.

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