Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: Steve Madden Intyce Boot for Less

Steve was destined to be the love of my life. From the moment I was first introduced to his stylish splendor via a pair of Mary-Jane pumps back in the seventh grade I knew that our paths would cross over and over again as time went by – and it has, especially in the form of boots. Last year it was the Fiorentini + Baker Eternity lookalike Buck; the year before it was the equestrian-inspired Kannon; and previous to that it was the sticky and sweet Hunny. It is a neverending cycle; though certainly not a vicious one. Each year, as I begin the hunt for a new form of fall perfect footwear, I turn immediately to Steve’s delicious creations. This season is no different; though as opposed to previous years, I am not gaga over the cognac and tan fabrications. This time around my heart belongs to a refined black beauty aptly titled Intyce.

So very rarely do I allow myself to indulge in a boot with any form of embellishment or decoration. Typically I look for styles that are plain yet perfect in their very own ways – ideal for decorating as one sees fit; the Intyce is an exception to my own personal rule. Her petite buckled detail about the shaft is not cumbersome or offensive in any way possible. Quite the opposite, in fact. The gold belted ornamentation is, if I do say so myself, completely elegant and modest; yet imposing in its own stylish way – an exemplary way to add a splash of fabulousness to a crinkled black leather palette. But it’s not just the buckle that has me seeing red; the one-inch hidden sliver wedge is quite an appealing addition for the sheer fact that it will give my five foot one-and-a-half stature un petit boost that will not make me teeter or sway unsteadily on my feet, but simply add a little lift to my life.

Of course, with all good things there is a downfall, and Steve is capable of so many. I am not one to stay true to just one pair of shoes. I scatter myself and bits and pieces of my heart over a wide array of splendrous footwear; therefore I don’t like spending too much on each pair. At $169.95, I see Intyce, while easy on the eyes, a bit harsh on my pocketbook. Thus Courage – Sears coupons – a beauteous pair of black boots crafted by Steve Madden’s more wallet-friendly line of footwear SM New York is more fitting for my fashion-forward persona.

At $39.99, Courage is just as sleek, sophisticated, and pristine as his more expensive counterpart Intyce; with the bonus of leaving a bit more money in the pocket of the purchaser, so she can indulge in another pair, or three, of fall-inspired footwear purchases to truly enhance her wardrobe.

It’s up to you darlings…will you bite the bullet and splurge on Intyce, or play the role of stingy seductress by saving with Courage?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Steve Madden and Sears for the pictures.

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