Monday, October 19, 2009

Cold Shoulder

Darlings I have just come to an extremely important realization…I have nothing to wear. Please forget what you’ve read about my amassment of clothes, and footwear. The truth of the matter is that each and every one of those pieces caters to one season and one season only. The sweaters are only good for when the weather turns chilly; while the t-shirts are of absolutely no use unless it’s burning up. Unfortunately, I am currently straddling a middle ground. Lest I’m interested in embracing sweaty chic, a sweater is completely out of the question; and there’s absolutely nothing seductive about shivering like a newborn fawn, so a tee stands no chance of so much as being considered. I suppose what I truly need is a covering that will keep me warm without making me feel as if I’m suffocating – something stylish and flirty with the ability to adapt to its surroundings in the same fashion as a chameleon. Oui, the accoutrement that I am desperate for at the moment is a shoulder warmer; but not any shoulder warmer will do.

Free People’s Vintage Crochet Shoulder Warmer, aside from having the texture and appearance of a well-loved knit crafted by the hands of a caring grandmother, is an accessory that no girl should have to be without – whether she lives in the sweltering Sahara of Southern California, or the chilly Connecticut climate.

The one-size fits all (don’t you just love when sizing isn’t an issue?) hand-crocheted cozy is a where-with-anything essential that one should never leave home without. The drawstring closure about the neck possesses a very elementary air of sophistication which also serves to add simple adaptability to the piece in the sense that it can be worn poncho-like or cinched into either an eternity or tube scarf – whichever style suits the weather at hand – while the striking availability of colors (watermelon, snow, or ash) make it a cinch for any experienced shopper to find the hue that works for you.

Which color shoulder warmer are you coveting, kittens?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Free People for the pictures.

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