Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Wink Lee Satin Blazer on a Budget

I’m going to blame my current aggravated state on the sheer fact that I have been more than unsuccessful in locating the perfect boyfriend blazer – one that is fitted yet looks as if it was stolen right out of your cute boy’s closet; one that juxtaposes flawlessly between masculinity and femininity; one that is ideal for a night out with the girls or an afternoon at the office. My searches for such fabulosity have fallen flat and left me devoid of all of the above. The only thing I seem to find in droves are unflattering cuts, drab hues, and shoulders reminiscent of a linebacker.

Please don’t laugh darlings; I know it sounds humorous, but after five months of spotting disaster after disaster, I simply want to find something that embodies each and every specification and requirement that I have formed in my mind. And I have. Finally I have found the blazer that makes my heart skip a beat; that sends warm tingles throughout my body; that makes me feel as if I’m floating on cloud nine. Wink’s Lee Satin Blazer - Bloomingdales coupons - is my new fashion fixation.

Everything about Lee makes her a piece of finery that I simply can’t be without, from the princess seams to her pleating about the shoulders; the single-button closure to the notched collar; even the word used to describe her shade…Elephant. There are no stiff materials here, Lee is fabricated entirely of the most decadent, shimmering Silk Charmeuse which gleams, beams, and brightens the room the moment she appears; while she virtually winks at passersby in a flirty, coquettish type of way whenever light so much as hits her form. Lee is a breath of fresh air; a bubbly, effervescent accoutrement with the ability to transform your wardrobe; a sparkling soul sister created to make you a modern-day belle of the ball. Unfortunately, at $286.00, she is also well outside the realm of my, ahem, college student budget. Aqua’s Satin Boyfriend Blazer, however, is not.

At $128.00, Aqua’s Satin Boyfriend Blazer, which is available in three shimmering shades (cinder, black, and blush), is the preemptive way for the girl on a budget to get her dose of sparkling champagne-toned fashions – much like those seen on the S/S 2010 runways for Burberry Prorsum and Dennis Basso – without being forced to subsist solely on Ramen noodles and peanut butter for the next six months. Put in simpler terms, it’s a piece that will dress up your wardrobe, without dressing down the contents of your wallet; and who can really resist that?

So mes chéris, what are you up to today? Will your AmEx take a beating with a splurge, or will you stay safe and thrifty with a frugal buy?

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to Bloomingdales for the pictures.

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