Monday, October 26, 2009

Sole Sisters

The male species is completely clueless as to the sorts of pains that females must go through in order to look good. Yes, I’m aware that we must suffer in the name of fashion. That we must feel the perfunctory pinches, the standard stabbings, the negligent nippings, the cursory confinements, and the painful pressures of various garments bought to enhance, tuck, and suck ourselves into a covetable silhouette that makes the heads of both fellow females and cute boys turn. But after awhile, enough is enough!

Boys, while incredibly cute to look at with bedhead, scruffy stubble, and soulful puppy dog eyes simply do not realize that if we have had our tootsies stuffed into stilettos all day, that we want nothing more than to give them a break by slipping into a pair of flats for a bit of relaxation (yes, even our feet need a vacation sometimes). Non, the only thing males think of is a saucy shake as one struts by in pumps. Face it, as much as boys would like to pretend that they know all of the intricacies of a female; the truth of the matter is…they don’t. The only individuals who truly know a female, is another female; which is why I’m in complete adoration of Katie Shea and Susie Levitt, the masterminds behind CitiSoles.

As twenty-something city girls short in stature but big on ideas, the duo have learned the hard way that trekking from one end of the city to the other in stilettos all day can truly be a killer; thus the reason they created CitiSoles. I first mentioned the magically delicious foldable ballerina flats here when I advised you to stick a pair in your carry-on during travel to ensure optimal comfort; but since then the twosome have added yummy new products to their line in the form of cityslips (foldable ballerinas which include a carrying case that morphs into a tote bag) and AfterSoles (ballerinas that roll up to the size of a cell phone) which only serve to make them more friendly to the feet of hard working fashionistas who strive to look fabulous while retaining stylish satisfaction.

It is products like these that go unnoticed by the world, unless one does some extreme digging. Therefore, to certify the sanity of our feet, it is up to us as females to band together and bring attention to such wondrous forms of fashion. And now we can.

CitiSoles is one of the Top 12 Finalists in INC. magazine and Alibaba’s Newpreneur of the Year competition. If Katie and Susie win, CitiSoles has the chance to make it into stores all over the world, making them more obtainable to the masses – perfect in the recession we’re currently in the throes of. The only thing they need to make it to the Finals is our help in the form of Online voting – which starts Wednesday (October 28). Truly, what better way to keep our feet in supreme bliss and teach clueless boys a lesson than by guaranteeing that CitiSoles is crowned the fashionable winner?

Support them darlings; they’re looking out for us – and the welfare of our feet!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks to CitiSoles for the pictures.

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